Mature Moves Services

How we help you and your family

  • We completely pack, and move everything for you, to your next home. Help you downsize and declutter.
  • We completely unpack, and set up your new home, to the last detail.
  • Organise selling, gifting and disposing of unwanted items.
  • Prepare your home sale.
  • Organise Storage if necessary.
  • Photograph and record memories.
  • Arrange Valuations if required.
  • Liaise with Family, Lawyers, and Estate Executors as required.
  • Liase with Real Estate Agents if you choose.
  • Assist with Estate Clearances.

Moving Services

Prepare your home for sale:

We will undertake as little, or as much as you choose. This can be from minor house and garden maintenance, through to Decorating and staging your house, to maximise its value. This also helps to enhance the sale process.

Reducing belongings:

At your direction we will arrange, selling items and furnishings for you. Organise gifting items to family and friends. Likewise if you choose to gift anything to a charity, we'll accomodate that too. Where appropriate Valuations are undertaken by Professional Christchurch Valuers and written reports provided.

Choose Mature Moves

To get the most genuine and caring service you can imagine. We simply treat you and your family the way we have ... and do treat, our family members.

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