It is our mission to take the stress out of moving to a smaller home.

Mature Moves

Gary and Sharon have worked with many older people over the past seven years, moving and relocating them, for home repairs and renovations. They also project managed, repairs to the homes of elderly people, who could not be relocated. Looking after them, whilst their lives were changing, was only done successfully, with real care, patience and compassion.

During this period, Gary’s parents also reached a point, where they could no longer manage for themselves at home. Their house was full of two lifetimes worth of things they had acquired, and on his Dads part, collected over many decades. It needed clearing, and the house, renovating, for sale. Sharon assisted, managing the make over of the house, inside and out. Over this period they learnt more, about the personal aspects and challenges facing elderly people when they have to move.

We understand, that many families can find they are not best located to complete these tasks, or are sometimes, very time limited.

That is why we will take the stress out of your move, helping you to downsize and declutter, pack ... relocate ... unpack, and settle into your new home. We’ll lessen your families worries considerably too.

We treat every person, as we have, and do treat our own elderly family members. With respect, care and integrity. Exactly the way you and your family, would expect to be treated.

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