Six months ago I had never heard of Mature Moves but now I have great admiration and thanks for them.

Mid last year (2019) we made a decision to move into a retirement village, selling our house, sorting, packing and moving house with our life's possessions seemed insurmountable. One day I read an ad for Mature Moves and rang them. That was a life saving move. I can't over claim how helpful they have been. I was feeling stressed but immediately I felt the load had been lightened when they helped prepare our house for sale, encouraged our downsizing and sorting and packing with their help turned this into a pleasure. By moving day I was overcome with their help and encouragement. I could not believe their efficiency and was so happy to arrive at our retirement unit to find everything not only unpacked but placed exactly as we would have done ourselves. Thank you for providing a light at the end of the tunnel.

Moira & Derek Lipyeat, March 2020

From the very first phone call dealing with the team at Mature Moves made moving our father into a retirement village much easier. Gary and Sharon were so helpful and kind. It really made a huge difference to the whole process. I'm sure we're not the first family to have underestimated what a huge job it would be. My sisters and I have been recommending them to everyone we know.

Katherine Bonner, November 2019

I was very fortunate to have picked up a pamphlet outlining the services offered by 'Mature Moves'. I met both Gary and Sharon who warmly presented to me exactly what I needed in a clear and consistent format. Everything was done in a super efficient manner and invaluable assistance was offered where needed. I was impressed with their wonderful service, but particularly with their attention to detail and how nothing was too much trouble or an issue. 

I heartily recommend this company if you are looking for a smooth, efficient and stress free service. Thank you.

Tina French, August 2019

Gary, Sharon and their team are extraordinary. We live in Auckland and my husband's parents in Christchurch experienced sudden health crises and urgent care needs. We made frequent visits over a 2 month period, and Mature Moves worked with the family to ensure house contents were sorted, packed and found homes for, including an extremely large and heavy printing press. They made the home ready for sale, with clear and timely communication for decision making, and coordinated the work needed. They delivered selected items to new living facilities, picking some up again when my father-in-law passed away. Their advice, assistance and calm, honest and sensitive approach has been such a blessing. We would not have coped without them, and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Suzanne Young, July 2019

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